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Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

Plant Vs. Zombie

  • Plants vs. Zombies

    Cheat Codes:
    Update by: nathan
    Update by: V.Karthikeyan

    Type these Cheats in at any Time while playing the Game.
    Note: Your Tree Of Wisdom must be a certain height before some codes can
    be enabled.

    Code Effect
    future - Gives zombies futuristic shades.
    Mustache - Zombies Now Have Mustaches.
    pinata - A shower of candy when a zombie dies.
    trickedout - Alternate Lawn Mower appearance.
    sukhbir - Toggles the zombie's call for brains-sound.
    daisies - Zombies leave small daisies behind when killed.
    dance - Zombies dance.
    tohot - Infinite Sun.
    slowboke - make zombie walk slowly

    Achievements (Steam):
    The following achievements can be unlocked by completeing the
    task listed for them.

    Unlockable How to unlock
    Ask Me About Mustache Mode - Enable Mustache Mode.
    Better Off Dead - Get a streak of over 10 in I, Zombie Endless.
    China Shop - Get to a streak of 15 in Vasebreaker Endless.
    Cryptozombologist - Discover the top secret zombie.
    Explodonator - Blow up 10 zombies with a single cherry bomb.
    Home Lawn Security - Complete adventure mode.
    Immortal - Get to 20 flags in Survival Endless.
    Morticulturalist - Collect all 49 plants.
    Nobel Peas Prize - Get the golden sunflower trophy.
    Spudow! - Blow up a zombie using a potato mine.
    Towering Wisdom - Grow the Tree of Wisdom to 100 feet.
    Sunny Days - Get 8000 sun during a single level.
    Walk This Way - Hypnotize the lead dancer zombie.

    Useful Tactics:
    -=World 1=-
    This area is very easy, and is mainly just a tutorial to the game, Use whatever
    plants you have, this early in the game. But make sure you have peashooters and

    -=World 2=-
    Now this is when it gets a bit harder, the sun no longer falls from the sky,
    what I did was i used puff shrooms (the free mushrooms you get) and sun shrooms,
    then when I got that set up I would start setting up peashooters and repeaters.
    And at the end of the level, zombies spawn from the graves, so try to take them
    out early in the level (P.S. The graves give some good stuff, crystals, plants,
    and sun)

    -=World 3=-
    Ok you made it this far, now we are dealing with a completely different kind of
    strategy, what I did was I got lilipads, cattails (cattails are VERY strong,
    they can attack any lane, and they shoot two spikes at a time) I also had wall-
    nuts, cherry bombs (for emergencies) peashooters and repeaters. You want to make
    each lane equally strong. And make sure you buy the pool cleaners, they help a

    -=World 4=-
    Ahh world 4, the hardest world in my opinion, basically its world 3 but you cant
    see half the screen, luckily you get a plantern in a level or two and you can see
    it then. I was stuck here for a while, but when I used cattails it was so much
    easier, just use the strategy from 3 and 4, i recommend at this point using sun
    flowers, and garden rakes (can be bought in Crazy Dave's shop for 200$" You
    REALLY want to use the torchwood, seeing as how they make your peas to DOUBLE
    damage. I personally have never really used the snow peas, but if your
    comfortable with them go ahead.

    -=World 5=-
    And last but not least, the roof level, make sure you buy the roof cleaners,
    you will need them. Here is what I did the whole time, first two columns are
    sun flowers, third column is cabbagepults, fourth column is corn pults, and
    fifth column is tall-nuts. When you get the melonpults I suggest replacing
    column two with them. As for cob pults, dont use them, they take too long,
    and they're not that good. Bungee zombies are best countered by umbrella
    leaves. Get one or two in each row, NO MORE, they protect the eight squares
    surrounding them, and their own. And my last tip for World 5, is gargantuans,
    here's the thing, if they didn't throw the imp off of their back, then cherry
    bombs would be all you need, however, I would advise using a cherry bomb,
    then using a jalapeno on the row, to kill the imp and the gargantuan.

    -=Dr. Zomboss=-
    This boss is very hard the first few times you fight him, so try doing this.
    Save all the ice shrooms and jalapenos you get, you need them to destroy his
    fire/ice balls. use all the other plants strategically to fight off the normal
    zombies. You WILL have to use ice shrooms and jalapenos occasionally, jsut save
    as many as you can.

    -=How to earn a lot of money=-
    Here is the best way without a doubt. You want to beat adventure and get your
    zen garden. Then play endless survival and adventure mode again to get plants.
    Water plants and mushrooms give you 10,000$ just to sell them and they give you
    2 diamonds when they're grown to full, which pays for the food, and more. Normal
    plants like daytime plants and marigolds only give you 8,000$ to sell, but they
    give you two diamonds when grown to full. (Marigolds only give one diamond).

    Submitted by: Nippu

    To increase your plant growth

    First of all you need to disable the full screen then go to your zen garden
    after feeding the plants normally it take 30min or feed them again.
    to feed them all you have to do is to change your system time for earlier this will
    increase the growth & also buy more plants from Crazy guy.
    for more info contact

    Favorite Plants:
    Even if you have "favorite" plants that you like to use, mix it up and use a plant
    that might be out of your "comfort zone". The game is fairly forgiving of less than
    perfect play, and you might find that blowing up zombies in a conflagration of
    potato wedges or smashing them with a squash is more fun that you thought it would

    Increase plant growth:
    Disable full screen mode. Go to your zen garden. After feeding the plants, it will
    normally take thirty minutes to feed them again. To feed them all, change the system
    time to an earlier value. This will increase their growth.

    Final Boss Trick:
    When facing the final boss in the game, he will launch massive fire balls and ice
    balls at your plants. The crush everything in their path except zombies(basically,
    all plants in that row), but there is a way to stop them! To destroy the ice ball,
    you must use a Chili Pepper in that row. To destroy the fire ball, you must use
    an Ice Shroom, but with a Coffee Bean, too, or else it'll fall asleep.

    Easy money:
    Get the Zen Garden. Water the plants until they do not need anything else. Advance
    the system date ahead. The plants will need water again. Buy new plants, grow them
    to full size, then sell them. Repeat this to earn more money. You can also use this
    technique when you have to get Marigolds in Crazy Dave's shop when they are out of

    Submitted by: Mr. Loney - Vuong (Come from Viet Nam)

    You open file user# in Your Profile folder by Hex Editor (with # is the number of game
    and Profile folder in a main folder of the game)
    In line 0008 and 0009 you change by "FF" you will get more than 650.000$, and in line
    0010 you change by "01" you will get more than less 999.990$.

    New seed selection:
    If you do not like the cards from Crazy Dave, exit the game and restart. The cards
    will change randomly.

    Play Slot Machine for Extra Coins and Diamonds:
    1.Set up your defenses around the slot machine. Try for one row of wallnuts on the
    right side, one or two rows of sunflowers on the left, and fill everything else
    with pea and snow pea shooters.
    2.Protect the lawn mowers. Each are worth a Gold Coin at the end of the game, so
    don't let them mow the zombies.
    3.Stop collecting sun around 1900 sun points. At this point, the garden should be
    full, so getting the extra 100 points to win should be easy. Just collect enough
    sun to offset the slot machine.
    4.Keep the slot machine spinning! It will randomly drop one or three gems as long
    the patience lasts.
    5.If the Zombies get close to the mowers, end the game. Just collect the sun lying
    on the field to end the game.

  • Milking Walnut Bowling for coins:
    Here's how to make Walnut Bowling more profitable:
    1.Protect the Lawnmowers -- Each Mower is worth one gold coin ($250).
    2.Line up shots off the front runner. After the first zombie is hit, each additional
    zombie strike generates coins.
    3.Create a front runner where none exists! Pole vaulting zombies run fast until
    they vault over a nut, and the newspaper zombie runs fast after getting the paper
    destroyed by a nut. Just let them run a little bit down the lawn before sending a
    nut their way.
    4.Just because you have nuts does not mean you have to use them. This is where "Nerves
    of Steel" comes into play. When there are a few zombies ambling down the lawn without
    a clear ricochet shot, wait a little bit to see if more of their friends will step
    out to play. They can always be killed once they cross the red line.
    5.Remember how many nuts it takes to kill a zombie; this is important when the cross
    the red line. Use one nut for regular zombies, three for bucket wearing zombies,
    and two for the rest.
    6.Reserve the exploding nuts. Try not to use those nuts unless a mob crosses the line,
    or there are not enough nuts or room to clear out a hard to kill zombie. Use the
    regular walnuts for the zombies that have not reached the red line.
    7.Don't use exploding nuts to kill pole vaulting zombies directly. Pole vaulting
    zombies only jump obstacles in their own lane. A pole vaulting zombie who has not
    vaulted yet will safely jump over explosions or nuts in their own lane; so find a
    neighbor in the next lane and time the nut to hit when the pole vaulting zombie
    gets close to the neighbor.

    Pole Voulters:
    Submitted by: zozo3350

    When there is pole voulters, pick a wallnut and a chomper and make sure you can dig up
    plants and have lots of sun (for infinite sun type in game tohot). Put down a wallnut
    and a chomper behind it. The pole voulter will go over the wallnut straight into the
    chomper! Then dig up the chomper and he is gone.

    Last Stand:
    Submitted by: Joshua Atmadja

    Hi. I have a trick for you to defeat the 'Last Stand' on Mini-games. Firstly, you must
    have at least 8 slots of seed before you start.

    -=Choose these plants=-
    * Repeaters
    * Gatling Peas
    * Tall Nuts
    * Tangle Kelps
    * Lily Pads
    * Torchwoods
    * Coffee beans
    * Magnet-shrooms

    -=After you pick them up, do these lists=-
    1. Put 2 repeaters from back columns on every rows (except the pool).
    2. Put just only 1 repeater on the back columns on every pool rows (use lily pads before).
    3. Change the repeaters on the pool become a gatling peas.
    4. Put torchwoods in front of the repeaters and gatling peas (on pool use lily pads first).
    5. Then, give the space a column and plant the magnet-shrooms on the lawn only.
    6. Wake 'em up with coffee beans.
    7. In front of the magnet-shrooms on the lawn, plant the tall nuts.

    -=This is map for you how to do it=-
    R R T <> M N
    R R T <> M N
    G T K K K K
    G T K K K K
    R R T <> M N
    R R T <> M N

    R = Repeaters
    G = Gatling Peas
    T = Torchwoods
    K = Tangle Kelps
    M = Magnet-shrooms that have been awaken
    N = Tall nuts

    Note: Plant the tangle kelps on the last time. Good Luck!

    Submitted by: Dan Leonard

    Regarding the following entry:

    Final Boss Trick:
    When facing the final boss in the game, he will launch massive fire balls and ice
    balls at your plants. The crush everything in their path except zombies(basically,
    all plants in that row), but there is a way to stop them! To destroy the ice ball,
    you must use a Chili Pepper in that row. To destroy the fire ball, you must use
    an Ice Shroom, but with a Coffee Bean, too, or else it'll fall asleep.

    Just thought it worth mentioning that the last bit isn't true - you don't need a coffee
    bean, the ice shroom will work fine without it.

    Kill Bungees and create a fort:
    Submitted by: DLneostarG
    Email :

    To Kill Bungees, use Chompers, Squash, Ice Shroom, Jalapeno, or Umbrella Plant thing
    To create a Fort Follow the Plant formation

    0-Sunflowers or upgraded flowers
    1-1 shooter plant
    3-3shooter plant(3 lanes)
    4-Fire Plant(fire tree that turns bullets to fire balls that passes through it)
    6-Squash(or Wallnut/Tallnut)
    7-small mushrooms
    9-Scardey Shroom
    X-Free Space

    0 1 2 3 4 6 8
    0 1 2 3 4 6 8
    0 1 2 3 4 6 8
    0 1 2 3 4 6 8
    0 1 2 3 4 6 8

    0 2 3 4 9 X 7 7 7 6
    0 2 3 4 9 X 7 7 7 6
    0 2 3 4 9 X 7 7 7 6
    0 2 3 4 9 X 7 7 7 6
    0 2 3 4 9 X 7 7 7 6

    (1) Earning Money Using Last Stand:
    Submitted by: Elliason Concepcion on Philippines
    Email :

    Earning Money Using Last Stand in MiniGames.

    First of all pick this plants: ( You should have 8 or + slots )

    1.Marigold - the one you gives you silver and gold coins.
    2.Pumpkin - The one who protects your plants.
    3.LilyPad - the one who allows you to plant on the pool.
    4.Wall-Nut - the shell that also protect your plants.
    5.Magnet-Shroom - magnets metal thing from zombies except the traffic sign
    that is being held by the Gargantuar.
    6.Gold Magnet - help you collect coins from marigold and zombies.
    7.Doom-Shroom - destroys/detonates a large/huge area of zombies.
    8.CoffeeBean - awakens mushroom plants in the morning.
    9. Any Plants

    These are the legends:

    M - Marigold
    P - Pumpkin
    L - Lily Pad
    W - Wall-Nut
    A - Magnet-Shroom
    G - Gold Magnet
    D - Doom-Shroom
    C - Coffee Bean
    Let's Get Started!!!

  • Formation:

    M M M M M M M M W
    M M M M M M M M W
    M M M M G M M M W
    M M M M G M M M W
    M M M M M M M M W
    M M M M M M M M W


    Put P on the first three M starting from the W except the M on the pool
    ( DO NOT PUT ANY PUMPKINS ON THE POOL!!! ). Then start the OnSlaught. Then
    if you have sufficient sun power put a D in replace with anyone in the 2 Gold
    Magnets then awaken the D with C.

    Thank You for reading The CHEAT OR HINT!!!!

    Victory on Last Stand:
    Submitted by: alphaomega66

    to beat last stand, follow this formation

    MP R* MS T
    MP R* MS T
    MP R* MS T
    MP R* MS T
    MP R* MS T
    MP R* MS T


    *Note: upgrade repeaters to Gatling peas when you have enough sun

    In the fog:
    When you are in the fog and you need light, and you dont have a lantern, use the
    torch wood if you have the sun, because it shows you the space in front of it.

    Dr. Zomboss:
    Submitted by: Dorthy

    When Zomboss comes down to throw an ice ball or fire ball, you can use freeze shrooms
    to freeze him. This allows your various pults time to get in some damage on Zomboss
    himself. Jalapenos will also cause damage to him when he is down to toss a fire/ice
    ball. The more damage you can do to Zomboss, the quicker and easier it is to end this
    level. Just remember to save at least one freeze shroom and one jalapeno for what ever
    he tosses.

    How to find the imitator on suburban almanac:
    To find the imitator on the almanac look at the top-left of the almanac and click
    there and viola you will see the imitator.

    Last Stand Hints:
    Submitted by: josh

    Follow the plants in the lawn

    2 G in first COLLUMN-Gold Magnet
    14 G in 3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th COLLUMN-GLOOM SHROOM /w Coffee beans
    4 G in 8th and 9th COLLUMN-Garlic
    then click Start ounsault
    thank you!

    Mini games:
    The only way to earn sun in zombie mini-games not the ones when you have to break
    the pots the only way to get sun is killing sunflowers so this is my trick of doing
    these mini-games first put a good zombie for the situation in the lane you want it
    to go in then make sure that there is sunflowers planted in that lane then collect
    the sun when the zombie eats the flower and buy more stuff and eat the brains.

    Getting light in fog:
    When you are in fog and need light (and you do not have a lantern), use the torch wood
    if you have the sun. It shows you the space in front of it.

    Last Stand tactics:
    Submitted by: julian_voet.baller

    Choose these plants:

    *Threepeater (1)
    *Repeater (2)
    *Gatling Pea (planted on repeater) (3)
    *Torchwood (4)
    *Lily Pad
    *Garlic (5)
    - on the map means nothing.

    You'll probably have more slots open. You can use (for instance) the Squash, or the
    Gold Magnet (with magnet-shroom, otherwise it won't work). And place them like this.

    - - - - - - - 5 5
    1 2 3 4 - - - - -
    1 2 3 4 - - - - -
    1 2 3 4 - - - - -
    1 2 3 4 - - - - -
    - - - - - - - 5 5

    Now it's very important you have enough sun to replace your garlics. So always keep
    some sun after another flag...
    Have fun!

    Unlimited sun hack with Cheat engine 5.5:
    Submitted by: Ivoryton

    first go to your plants vs zombies and also open your cheat engine 5.5
    then get the value of your sun and put it in the value at cheat engine 5.5
    and first scan and go to your Plants vs Zombies minus your sun value
    and put it again in the value then next scan double-click the adress and it
    will go down then click the value and put the amount that you want and click frozen
    and go back to your plants vs zombies and enjoy!
    it also works in the Shop of crazy dave.

    Last stand:
    Submitted by: XEdric

    First,Pick these plants
    Melon-pults (1)
    Wintermelons (2) with (1)
    Lily Pads
    Any Nuts (4)
    Squash (For emergencies)
    2 5 4
    2 5 4
    2 5 3 4
    2 5 3 4
    2 5 4
    2 5 4

    Something to earn more money:
    Once you have the zen garden water the plants until they dont need anything else.
    After that change the date on your portable computer to another day.As soon as
    you do the plants will need watering again. Reapeat this buy new plants grow them
    to full size sell and reapeat to earn money.

    How to win last stand easily:
    Submitted by: Olivia Naftali

    1. Lily pad
    2. Cattail
    3. Torchwood
    4. Repeater
    5. Gatling pea
    6. Tangle Kelp
    7. Peashooter
    8. Squash

    Location :

    GP RP1 TW
    GP RP1 TW
    CT CT RP
    CT CT RP
    GP RP1 TW
    GP RP1 TW

    GP : gatling pea
    RP : Repeater
    TW : Torchwood
    CT : Cattail

    Note : Use squash and tangle kelp if there is dolphin rider zombie
    Add more repeater between repeater 1 and torchwood

    Last Stand using sun cheat with cheat engine:
    Submitted by: Bryan Seah

    First, pick:
    Gatling pea
    Tallnut with pumpkin
    For the extra slots you can put anything else.
    on the front most row you put the tallnut with pumpkin(or for amusement you can leave
    three rows)behind the nuts'n'pumps you put torchwood, then everything else put gatling
    pea.the zombies will be dropping like flies, even the football zombie.

    New Seed Selection:
    If you do not like the cards from Crazy Dave, exit the game and restart. The cards will
    change randomly.

    Submitted by: AFIK

    step 1 : download file in this link
    step 2 : klick
    Softpedia Secure Download (US) [ZIP]
    step 3 : your download is staring...
    step 4 : open file klick Plants~ and plants vs zombies trainer 4
    step 5 : klick aplication
    step 6 : play plants vs zombies
    step 7 : in play, press f1,f2,f3,and f4
    step 8 : play infinite coins, first shoot zombie death, seed no loading.
    step 9 : ENJOY!

    download game in media fire
    NO TIME TRIAL 60 minutes or 80 minutes!!
    download file is Winrar

    How to complete Pogo Party Minigame:
    Submitted by: Mazid

    Follow the Instruction to complete The most diffeculty Mini game of Plants vs Zombie ESILY:
    First Choose this plants:
    4:Coffe bean
    After chosing this plants Start the game.Then At the first line place five sunflowers then
    At the second line Blank it because if u place any plants U dont have the requare suns.
    At the third line place five Tall-nuts. After that If Ur sun is low then place five
    Kernel-Pult Or if UR sun is High then place five Melon-Pult at the second line.And if
    UR Sun is too high then create a new line&place Magnet-shrooms.
    Follow IT Step by step complete Pogo party mini game Esily. For more Email me.

    Easy Sun Hack:
    Submitted by: Jimbojones

    A very easy way to hack sun is to first download 'iHaxgamez.' You can guess this by simply
    typing in 'download iHaxgamez' on google. Once it is downloaded, go into the application.
    If you have a mac, it will ask your mac password. Now you should go into plants vs zombies
    before anything else. Once you are on the level that you want money for, go back to iHaxgamez.
    There should be a list of things that you want to hack. Click on plants vs zombies, then search.
    Go back to plants vs zombies, choose your plants and play. You should have 50 sun.
    If you are doing last stand you will have 5000 and 'izombie' will give you 150.
    Lets say you were doing adventure. At the start of the game you should have 50 sun.
    Go back to iHaxgamez and type in 50 where it says 'search for'. Once you have done this,
    a list of searches will appear. You need to find the right one. To do this go back to plants
    vs zombies and change your amount of money. I tend to change my amount by buying something
    cheap like a lily pad or you can get more sun by picking up a sun icon. Lets say you changed
    your amount by buying a lilypad. Lilypad's cost 25 sun, so you should have 25 sun left.
    Go back to iHaxgamez and where it says in the bottom right corner 'current value' type in 25.
    Now where there were lots of searches there might only be one. If there are more than one,
    change your amount of money again. Eventually you should only have 1 search result.
    Double click on the result and simply type in the amount of money you want.
    Do not have too much, otherwise you will be left with the 25 sun you left of with.
    I tend to type in 999999999 max otherwise it will crash. One last thing.
    If you change your result to 10000000 if will almost certainly crash, so dont do it.
    Dont know why.

    Thank you for listening to this explanation. This hack is a great way to get past
    difficult levels and get you the '8000 sun' achievement. THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT!!!

    Unlimited Sunlight:
    Submitted by: R4YM0ND

    first open your cheat engine 5.5 then open your plant vs zombie then play and actually you
    will have 50 sun power at the first then you choose the top left in the cheat engine and you
    choose your plant vs zombie icon (example:Plant vs can be anything so just
    choose)then type your first sun power (50)then click first scan in the cheat engine. then
    you go again to plant vs zombie then buy anything (in the play mode don't you buy the maximum
    prize so better you buy the 25 costs sun power) now your sun power are 25 so now you type 25
    in the hex code replace the 50 code. then you click next scan and you will find 1 address the
    double click the address. then change the value of 25 become 1000000000 (1000000000 are the
    maximum sun power if more than that the game will crash(error)
    SO!!!!! good luck Cheat was submitted by: R4YM0ND

    Last Stand strategy:
    Submitted by: phlum

    I've noticed a lot of strategies here that involve similar tactics: Gatling Peas, Torchwoods,
    et cetera.
    Here is my take on the minigame, which I believe works a bit better.

    GS - Gloom-Shroom (must be planted atop a Fume-Shroom) ($7,500 from Crazy Dave)
    SP - Snow Pea
    G - Garlic

    Also, you'll want to take Pumpkin, Imitater Pumpkin (if possible), and Lily Pad. Oh, and take
    an instant killer or two to fill up the gaps in your seed slots.


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