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Sabtu, 01 Mei 2010

Cheat zoo tycoon

Zoo Tycoon Cheats: Name-Calling
Name your guests with the following names to yield different effects:

Mr. Orange, Mr. White, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Brown, Mr. Pink, or Mr. Blue : guest clothes and buildings will change to that color.

Russell C : all fences break
Adam Levesque : get all animal care programs
Lou Catanzaro : get all animal enrichment programs
John Wheeler : get all animal shelters
Hank Howie : get all staff education programs
Steve Serafino : get all endangered species
Andrew Binder : get all animal houses
Charlie Peterson : get all foliage
Akiyama : all scenarios unlock
Alfred H : crows and seagulls will attack your guests
Zeta Psi : some of your guests shirts will turn yellow and they'll start puking

Zoo Tycoon Cheat: Money
Press SHIFT and 4 to instantly get $10K.

Zoo Tycoon Cheats
Name your staff "Rosalie" to make them work for free.

Name an exhibit with the following names for special effects:
"Blue Fang" - all guests will be charged double without noticing
"Microsoft" - get double donations
"Wonderland" - get a bonus amount of visitors

Zoo Tycoon Cheat: Working for Free
Name one of your tour guides "Rosalie" and all your workers payment will be 0!

Zoo Tycoon Hint: Get a Mermaid
When you make an exhibit tank with any sea creature, put a statue of a mermaid in it, and the statue will come to life.

Zoo Tycoon Hint: Holiday Specials
To get a Holiday Tree wait until it is Christmas!(December 25th) Note: Holiday Tree is only available on December 25th!

Jack-O-Lanterns To get a jack-o-lantern it has to be Halloween!(October 31st) Note: Jack-O-Lanterns are only available on October 31st!

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