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Jumat, 27 Mei 2011

WWE Smackdon vs. Raw 2010

  • WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2010 Unlockables

    Unlock Abilities
    Entry Location:
    Create a moveset

    Durability - Must get Durability Attribute score of 85.
    Exploder Tunbuckle Attack - Must get your speed attribute score of 75.
    Fan Favorite - Must get charisma score of 80.
    Fired Up - Must get your overall rating of a 90.
    Hardcore Ressurrection - Must get hardcore score of 90.
    Kip Up - Must get a Technical score of 85.
    Lock Pick - Must get a submission score of 80.
    Object Specialist - Must get a hardcore score of 70.
    Resiliency - Must get an overall rating of 92.
    Strong Strike - Must get a strike score of 75.

    Submitted By: eerie

    Road to Wrestlemania Unlockables
    "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase - In "Randy Orton's RTWM," beat Ted DiBiase Jr. at Wrestlemania and KO "The Million Dollar Man" after the match.
    Alternate Attire for Chris Jericho - In week six of "HBK's RTWM," Make Jericho bleed.
    Alternate Attire for Edge - In week 6 of "Edge's RTWM", win in under 3 minutes.
    Alternate Attire for JBL - In week 8 of "HBK's RTWM," win the match in under 4 minutes.
    Alternate Attire for Mickie James - In week 6 of "Mickie James' RTWM," beat Michelle McCool in under 3 minutes
    Alternate Attire for Mr. Kennedy - In "Edge's RTWM," eliminate Mr. Kennedy from the Royal Rumble Match.
    Alternate attire for Mr. McMahon (suit) - In week 5 of "Create-A-Superstar's RTWM," spend at least one minute of the match outside the ring.
    Alternate Attire for Natalya - In week 9 of "Mickie James' RTWM," choose Kendrick over Natalya. In week 10, win the match suffering minimal damage.
    Alternate Attire for Santino Marella (Street clothes) - Week 12 of "Create-A-Superstar's RTWM," make a successful diving attack from the top of the ladder.
    Alternate Attire for Shawn Michaels - In week 4 of "HBK's RTWM," hit both opponents with Sweet CHIN Music.
    Alternate Attire for Shawn Michaels (DX) (Option 1) - In week 10 of "HBK's RTWM," accept the Retirement Match, then in Week 11, have your partner be the legal man longer.
    Alternate Attire for Shawn Michaels (DX) (Option 2) - In week 10 of "HBK's RTWM," decline the Retirement Match, then at Week 11, Execute 3 Double Team attacks.
    Alternate Attire for The Brian Kendrick - In week 9 of 'Mickie James' RTWM," choose Natalya over Kendrick. Then in week 12, win the match without using a signature move or finisher.
    Alternate Attire for Vince McMahon (Chicken Head) - Win the WrestleMania Match in "Create-A-Superstar's RTWM."
    Alternate Attires for Miz and Morrison (Street clothes) & Dirt Sheet area for Backstage Brawl - In week 11 of "Brand Warfare's RTWM," win the handicap match as either Triple H or John Cena.
    Champion of Champions title belt - Win at Wrestlemania in "Brand Warfare's RTWM."
    Cowboy Bob Orton - In week 9 of "Randy Orton's RTWM," don't use any strikes.
    Dusty Rhodes - In "Randy Orton's RTWM," beat Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania and KO Dusty after the match.
    Eve - In week 2 of "Mickie James' RTWM," pin or submit Maryse.
    Ezekiel Jackson - In week 3 of "Create-A-Superstar's RTWM," throw each opponent out of the ring at least once.
    Green and Red Dummies as Playable Characters - In week 3 of "Randy Orton's RTWM," refuse Cody's help and then reverse three of Batista's attacks.
    Interview Room for Backstage - Complete Shawn Michaels RTW.
    Jesse - In week 2 of "Edge's RTWM," hit every opponent with a finisher.
    John Cena Alternate Attire (Street Clothes) - In week 4 of "Brand Warfare's RTWM," as John Cena, put Kane through a table in less than 2 minutes 30 seconds.
    Locker Room Backstage area - In "Edge's RTWM," at "No Way Out," drag Mr. Kennedy on top of the Big Show and count the pinfall.
    Mr. McMahon (Playable Character) - In week 11 of "Edge's RTWM", Put Triple H through an announcer's table.
    Randy Ortons Alternate Attire - In "Randy Orton's RTWM," at "No Way Out," RKO Dusty Rhodes.
    Road to Wrestlemania Event Skip Feature - In week 12 of "Randy Orton's RTWM," Spend less than 2 minutes in the ring as the legal superstar.
    Santino Marella Story Designer story - In week 11 of "Create-A-Superstar's RTWM," reach 500 degrees four times.
    The Hardys, DX, & Morrison and The Miz Tag Entrances - In week 2 of "Brand Warfare's RTWM," win the battle royal as either Triple H or John Cena.
    The Rock - Complete Edge's Road to Wrestlemania.
    Triple H Alternate Attire (DX) - In week 6 of "Brand Warfare's RTWM," win your match in under three minutes as Triple H.
    Trish Stratus - Complete Mickie's Road to Wrestlemania.
    Vinces Office in Backstage Brawl - In week 6 of "Create-A-Superstar's RTWM," win your match.

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