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Sabtu, 11 Juni 2011

Cheat Age of Empires 2

  • Cheat Effect
    cheese steak jimmy's 1000 Food
    robin hood 1000 Gold
    rock on 1000 Stone
    lumberjack 1000 wood
    aegis Build Fast
    how do you turn this on Cobra Car
    wimpywimpywimpy Commit Suicide
    natural wonders Control the Animals
    marco Full Map
    resign Instant Lose
    i r winner Instant Victory
    black death Kill All Opponents
    torpedo(1-8) Kill Indicated Opponent (Check what slot number they're in)
    polo No Shadows
    to smithereens Saboteur Unit
    I love the monkey head A VDML man will appear at your Town Center
    !mute Will not hear any taunts
    !nomute Undoes the !mute code
    furious the monkey boy Furious the Monkey Boy

    Cheat Codes (Japanese Version)

    Password Effect
    pepperoni pizza 1000 Food
    quarry 1000 Stone
    woodstock 1000 Wood
    coinage 1000 Gold
    steroids Instant building
    reveal map View Full map
    gaia Control all animals
    no fog No Fog of War

    Command Age of Empires

    Cheat Effect
    autompsave Automatically Save Game
    NoStartup No Pre-Game FMV Sequences
    NormalMouse Standard Mouse Pointer
    NoSound Disable ALL sounds except during FMV sequences
    NoMusic Disable ALL music
    NoTerrainSound Disable ALL terrain sounds
    Msync Fix SoundBlaster AWE freezes
    800 800 x 600 screen resolution
    1024 1024 x 768 screen resolution
    1280 1280 x 1024 screen resolution

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