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Rabu, 01 Juni 2011

cheat harvest moon ps2

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    Cheat / Tips Harvest Moon Ps 2

    Tribute to Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland

    Tribute Record

    How to unlock:
    In Winter, befriend Mukumuku. Eventually it will give you a record for your record player(obviously, lolz). Gamers who played Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland will recognize the music on this record as the music that played during fall in that game. I enjoyed Harvest Moon: StH's music so this was a happy discovery for me! I hope you enjoy the music, I know I did.


    Choice to help the farm or not

    Takura asks you if you can help him raise the farm or not. You have a choice of saying yes or no. If you say no then you leave the town and Takura says "Looks like I'll be doing this alone"
    he walks inside the small house and goes to the T.V. He bends down and says "Let's go." then your back at the Title Screen. It will be gameover if you make this choice so I reccommend you don't say no if you don't wanna start all over seeing the opening scene.


    In the first year, befriend with Mukumuku (the white Yeti) and give him 3 flowers and 3 fishes a day. At the fourth day he'll start giving you a record. He will give you more records each day you visit him. Then sell those at Van shop.

    500 G easy

    ok,when you get ducks,you dont need the female doesnt fertlize eggs,or lay sell all females for 500,and baby females for 300.

    A FISH for 1000 g

    If you like fishing, here is a tip to get 1000g just for fishing.
    Well, fish at the swamp where you see the turtle. Just keep fishing there and you'll catch a fish call Yaname. This fish may take quite long to get. But it is worth a lot. Sell it to Van

    A Tip if you want a Calf

    If you want a calf, don't BUY the miracle potion (you can if you want)buy a bull instead. Wait at least 2 months, the go to your ordering notebook, find livestock/miracle potion, press miracle potion, you'll have a choice. You can choose "Farm Bull", or "Other Bull". If you choose "other Bull" you have to pay (Takakura will bring in a bull that he "loaned"), choose "Farm bull" it's free. I know this take long, but in my point of view, it's worth it. If you choose to buy, you're really wasting your time reading this.

    After Chapter 1 (Be Ready)

    Ok so i have been playing Harvest moon now and i wanted to say this: Once you are done with Chapter 1 then u will have your boy or girl. Depending on who with. And you will get a kitchen and everything.
    Make sure that you will be able to provide food for your family. And that mean that you will have to be able to:
    Get Milk,
    And Fish.
    SO make sure you have the materials for that!

    Animals wont die(hopefully)

    here is how to get your animals not to die...okay,if you arent near the barn often,or ur trying to sleep through the whole game like me,trying to sleep through the game:ok,first,you go feed the animal,if they refuse,go and save your game,but not in the first slot,in 2nd/3rd slot,your choice,then go to sleep,then repeat.(for any chapter),if you dont go in the barn often,go in every 2 days,then feed them,then after they eat,go to ur house and save the games,then repeat dont ignore pregnant animals like i did,or they'll die like my cow daisy died ;'( not a teen yet so i cried for like 45 mins......;''''''''(


    - Muffy
    A frisky girl who lives in the Blue Bar with her Dad, Griffin. She had a beautiful wavy and blonde hair. Her diary is in the flower vase in the corner of the room.
    She likes: Flowers, Milks, Coins, and Ores

    - Celia
    Celia is a shy simple girl, she lived in house near the farm with Vesta and Marlin. She wore a green clothe and headcraft as a farmer girl. Her diary is in her bed in the upstair of her house.
    She likes: Flowers, Coins, Eggs, Fruits, Vegetables, Coins, and Ores

    - Nami
    She is so quiet, and a bit shy. Lives in Inner Inn, everyday she went around the village. She had a red hair and boyish. Her diary is on the table in her room (upstair the Inner Inn).
    She likes: Blue Trick Flowers, Horse Statue, Curry Dish, Human Statue, Skull Fossil, or everything from the Dig Site.

    - Lumina
    A sweet rich little girl, she loves piano. She will be an adult in year 2. She lives in luxurious big villa with Sebastian and Romana. She had a long hair and many questions for you. Her diary is on the table near her teddy bear in her room.

    That's it, hope i helped for the newbie!
    She likes: Wools, Flowers, Ores.

    Become Friends With Muffy

    In Chapter 2, leave your house around 8:00am and head towards Celia's house (this has to be in spring) and Muffy will be standing on the bridge. She will say that she just broke up with her boyfriend because he was cheating on her (i think) and if you comfort her she will become better friends with you.

    Befriending villagers easier

    If your chickens are laying normal, non-fertalized eggs, just give them out to the villagers. As they cant be haggled and are only 40g, it'll help to get those special/hidden tools, certain items, and help influence your kid's future career. Good Luck!

    Bride Tip

    Bride Tip

    Likes: Huge Huchep, flowers, ores
    Dislikes: Colombos, bones
    Likes: Flowers, statues
    Dislikes: Failed attemps, fish
    Likes: Artifacts, records, fall flowers, bones
    Dislikes: Other flowers, milk, egg . . . almost everything.


    Every day on fall (or any other season,but the fall is the best) after you're done with everything,go and pick up everything you can around town (flowers,mushrooms,...)and sell it to Van when he arrives.You sould get around 2500 for it.It's great!

    Be friends with Daryl and go to his house around 4:40 PM and you will get a funny cut scene when Daryl is failing with his electrisity invention.Just thoat you sould know

    Easy Money

    Ok, it took me a while to figure this out but it really works!

    Everyday after you finish your chores, go fishing at the Turtle Swamp (by Gustafa's Yurt). When you get home, turn all of your Colombo's and any other fish worth less than 100G into sashimi (all you have to do is choose entree as the type of meal and cook JUST fish). Then, when Van comes sell all the sashimi and tell him you won't take the first price. He'll raise it. Sell any fish worth above 100G separate. This will get you more money.

    Also, buy a food processing room for 30,000G at the very beginning of the game. It will help a lot. Turn all your milk into butter or cheese and it will make them worth a lot more. Remember that some milks are better for making butter than they are for cheese. For example, there are two types of butter: good butter and butter. The good butter sells for 75G more. If you have a brown cow, their milk, no matter what rating (B,A, or S) will always make good butter. A marble cow's milk will always make good cheese. Hope I helped!

    Get a 3rd Field!

    After playing for a while, Takakura will eventually offer to clear the field for you for 20,000g. Do so and the small forest of trees will be gone, and a very fertile field will remain.

    Get a Free record!

    Befriends with Griffin (he loves fish) and go to the bar around 2-3 pm and he will give you a record called "Marine Jazz".

    Get a free Seed Maker!

    Be Friends with Daryl the crazy scientist and he will give you a Seed Maker!!

    Get a Goat DISCOUNT!!!

    To get a goat you must be in the second chapter.
    Buy it from Van, the price is 4000G.If you want to get a discount, just say no and the price will be 3600G. But it can get lower by refusing again. The price will will be 3200.The reason why it is expensive because you will get a free Goat Milker. HOPE THAT HELPS A LOT OF BOYS AND LOTS OF PRETTY AND SEXY GIRLS OUT THERE. BYE


    These I know just from Exploring; Perhaps I'll add more as I 'splore.

    Light Pickles = 1 Turnip
    Marinade = 1 Fish, 1 Mugwart, 1 Tomato or Turnip
    Tomalo Salad = 1 Tomato, 1 Melon
    Tomacarro Salad = 1 Tomato, 1 Carrot

    ??? = 1 Egg, 1 Tomato, 1 Gretoma

    Yam Soup = 1 Yam
    Tomato Soup = 1 Tomato, 1 Carrot

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