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Selasa, 26 Juli 2011

Smack Down Vs Raw

Nih Cheat Smackdown vs Raw 2011 untuk ps2

How to unlock everything in 2011
Become shawn michels and beat undertaker at legendery difficilty

Unlock the rock

To get randy orton shirt unlock
Viper RKO

Viper's ring gear

Paul Barrer unlock code
"The Farther Of The Dead"
you can only have him as a manger but you can play as him.
To play as him go on the undertaker and click and manger go down to you get to Paul.
You have to go on undertaker.

Cheate codes
John cena

How to unlock the rock steve austin bret hart and ricky steamboat
Powerfull unlock1234567890

Judgement day

Ladder Glitch
While you are holding the ladder and hit your opponent while he is grappling at the same exact time then a strange glitch will appear. Your ladder will be stuck to your hand and you will not be able to use it. It will still be seen when you execute other moves though. VEry funny!

Ricky stemboat

Another Reymesterio in Game
Make a new superstar in create a new superstar and find mask of Reymesterio,tatoos and dont' forget pants.Set his moves ,entrance and Reymesterio is made.

*Road to Wrestlemania John Cena [Guide]
Description: Everybody loves John Cena, well this guide will help you get through his Road to Wrestlemania Storyline.

Read the Guide --> *Road to Wrestlemania John Cena [Guide]

Description: Perform the following actions to unlock more arenas.

Backlash Arena Play a match at Backlash (in WWE Universe)
Bragging Rights Arena Play a match at Bragging Rights (in WWE Universe)
Hell In A Cell Arena Play a match at Hell In A Cell (in WWE Universe)
Judgement Day Arena Play a match at Judgement Day (in WWE Universe)
Royal Rumble Arena Play a match at Royal Rumble (in WWE Universe)
TLC Arena Play a match at TLC (in WWE Universe)
Wrestlemania Arena Play a match at Wrestlemania (in WWE Universe)
Druid Arena Complete all 5 RTWMs

Cheat Codes
Description: From MAIN MENU, select "My WWE", "Options", then "Cheat Codes". Enter the following cheat codes for the listed effect:

SLURPEE John Cena Street Fight gear and Avatar T-Shirt
8thannualtribute Tribute To the Troops Arena
apexpredator Randy Orton alternate attire

*Cheat Codes
Description: From MAIN MENU, select "My WWE", "Options", then "Cheat Codes". Enter the following cheat codes for the listed effect:

HISTORICALBELTS Unlocks the Million Dollar Title, Cruiserweight Title and Hardcore Title
SLURPEE John Cena Street Fight gear and Avatar T-Shirt
8thannualtribute Tribute To the Troops Arena
apexpredator Randy Orton alternate attire

Tribute To the Troops Arena

John cena never give up t-shirt
Enter SLURPEE as a case-sensitive code to unlock john cena never give up t-shirt for john cena and your avatar

RTWM Challenge Matches
Chris Jericho
Week 1 (Singles Match): The Miz
Week 5 (SuperStars): Santino (talk to Santino at Royal Rumble to set this up)
Week 7 (Parking Lot): Cena
Week 8 (Diva Match): Maryse vs. Beth
Week 11 (Singles Match): Santino vs. Big Show (talk to Santino in the hall to setup your interference)
WrestleMania (Singles Match): Find Steamboat in the Green Room.

Week 4: After the Peep Show, before talking to Tiffany, go to the top locker room on the map, and talk to Regal.
Week 5: Find Kane, and get challenged to an Inferno Match.
Week 7: Find CM Punk in the hallways, and talk to him.
Week 9: Find Jericho in the trainer's room.
Week 11: Find Legacy backstage. Fight them 2-on-1 at Superstars.
WrestleMania: Check the Green Room to challenge Stone Cold.

John Cena
Week 4 (Backstage Brawl): Confront Sheamus in the middle locker room.
Week 5 (Tag Match on SD): Fight Truth & Consequences (talk to MVP to set this up).
Week 7 (Tag Match on SD): Truth & Consequences for the titles (unlocks civilian MVP).
Week 8 (Backstage Brawl): Legacy (unlocks civilian Cena and entrance).
Week 11 (Tag Team): Santino vs. Legacy
WrestleMania (Singles Match): Vince in the Green Room

Rey Mysterio
Week 3 (Submission Match): Jericho
Week 4 (6 Man Tag): Los Conquistadors
Week 6 (Singles Match): R Truth
Week 9 (Singles Match): Bourne vs. Orton (talk to Orton in top locker room at Elim Chamber to set this up)
Week 10 (Cage): Hurricane (talk to him in the lower locker room to set this up before teaming up with RVD)
WrestleMania (Extreme Rules): Terry Funk (find him in the Green Room)

Vs. Undertaker
Week 2 (Backstage Brawl): Randy Orton
Week 3 (Backstage Brawl): Kozlov
Royal Rumble (Backstage Brawl): Ziggler
Week 9 (Tables Match): Big Show
Week 12 (Backstage Brawl): Batista
WrestleMania (Last Man Standing): The Rock

Vladimar kovlov
Beat one 1-on-1 raw match and then beat vladimar kozlov

Randy orton viper pack

WWE SVR 2011 How To Unlock ECW!
Win WWE Championship At Extreme Rules!:Unlock ECW Championship!
Win WWE Universe:SummerSlam:Unlock ECW Arena!

Time Machine
In Christians Road to Wrestlemania at Elimanation Chamber before you're match go to your locker room and talk to Edge (1) Go to GM office and talk to Mr.McMahon,(2) In GM's Office Collect the action figures on the shelf,(3) Go to the Green Room and get the box with the green x on it(on the table) finally go to parking lot brawl and collect the phone booth then go back to your locker room and talk to Edge

John cena s tshirt

John cena and orton cheats
Slurpee (john cena ) attire - apexpredator (viper pack)

Edit caws attribute
Go to superstar manegment select a caw pull your analog down select attribte you can make his power 100 from 5 !

Unlocking Rob Van Dam (road to wrestlemania way!)
Ok this is good the road to wrestlemania! I'm not quite sure what week you can unlock him but all I know is I got this game yesterday and I have unlocked RVD. What you have to do is first you need to click road to wrestlemania and pick Rey Mysterio, then when the time comes you will face off with CM PUNK and JACK SWAGGER as a tag match but what you don't know is RVD comes later in the match and says "Rey... Rey sorry I'm late!" and then he comes to help you! So thats how you unlock RVD for sure! Maybe it's the easy way or the hard way... easy-if your good at road to wreslemania hardish-if you don't like it! If you don't like road to wrestlemanina then one secert code: RVD that unlocks him! But you choose: Road To WrestleMania? Or Cheat?

First Cheat Done By Me.... EJ nettleship! I'll keep you posted guys!

Win the world heavyweight championship at Backlash (a new person has 2 win it like rey mysterio goes in with it big show walks out with it)

Vince McMahon's Suit
In Chris Jerico's RTWM, win the WWE Championship against Triple H at WrestleMania XXVI

WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 PS2
SLURPEE - Unlocks John Cena's Street Fight Gear
HISTORICALBELTS - Unlocks Million Dollar,Hardcore And Cruiserweight Titles

By : Jodi' Always Be JOSOME ' Oakes !

How to unlock masked kane
On undertakers RTRM collect he souls when you get the urn then circles will be displayed on your map carry on getting these after matches then you go to your locker room and you see him then you will be against him win it then you will get him out you will see him on kanes attire

All arenas
For the PPV arenas win 1 match at every ppv you dont have and for the ECW arena win a match at summerslam and for the druid arena complete all the road to wrestlemanias and you will also unlock the druid as a playable superstar!

Unlock all title belts

Rob Van Dam-
When Jack Swagger Asks for an appolige, don't accept it.

Scramble titles 5 min
Historical belts

John cena
Suare triangle

PS2 Screenshots
Here are some screen shots from WWE Raw vs SmackDown 2011 on PS2
See the video: Cheat Video

Parking lot glitch
Climb up the truck ladders. Press the action button to get down. Then your oppoment should grapple you. When the grapple is being executed you should be underneath the truck. Now you can go through the walls and stuff. Try It!


All Bellts No Lie Realy!!
Ok step 1 Enter Historicalbellts as a cheat
Step 2 in univerce mode skip to Extreme rules and win the WH title and the WWE title
last step 3 win the tag team titles at a PPV and you are done!


Christan ; Week 7: Find CM Punk in the hallways, and talk to him.
Everybody make a correction it is week 8 at place of week 7

Million dollar championship

How to unlock finlay
Win money in the bank,cash in the briefcase,win your match, and you will unlock Finlay.

When you do career mode and you choose v.s under taker you don't be him bu at the end you fight him

Who are los consiqadors??
They are edge and cristian

Sheamus finisher
Go to make a finisher and go on ground or grapple can't remember, go down to the very bottom every time until you have got to the end, it should taker you about 7 or 8 spaces.
name it mwt or some think, save it.
Go on to move set and go on sheamus go down to special moves go on created finisher and go on the finisher then save it and then go on to sheamus in a normal match
In the match get your finisher and it should be the blow kick it worked with mine
it looks so cool

How to unlock hulk hogan
Complete all 5 rtwm's 3 times

All girls

How To Unlock Millon Dollar,Cruiserweight and Hardcore Belts

Unlock the nexus
Go on cena's rtwm and before wrestlemania, go to the big locker room and get cena's t-shirt.Then go to the parking and go to the T.V. ,then go on your phone there should be a message. click on it then save your game,then go on a normal macth and click on cena then change his attre to never give up he comes in with nexus.

WE SmackDown vs Raw 2011 (PS2) Misc Unlockables
ECW Brand Win a match at Extreme Rules
ECW Arena Win World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules
WCW Championship Win World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rul

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